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I'm Liz Kelly Nelson. I help media companies, newsrooms and journalists consider the evolution of our field and how we can ensure equitable access to news and information for all. I've had fun, satisfying work across the spectrum: from editorial development to partnerships and fundraising to revenue strategy to organizational change management. I craft thoughtful mission-driven strategies designed with an eye towards sustainability. Lately, I've been developing support systems and biz plans for independent mission-driven journalism creators and helping news providers understand and better serve and enrich the brains that will chart our collective future: Gens Z and Alpha. ​To that end, I write the Project C newsletter, chronicling the rise and evolution of creator-model journalism. 

where I've  been:

Most recently, I was VP of where I worked with a team of journalism's most-talented editors, videographers, podcasters and audience strategists – all in service of a mission to create equity through access to information and build sustainable, diversified revenue streams. I'm so damn proud to have been a part of taking Vox's flagship daily news podcast, Today, Explained, to 100+ public radio stations and launching Unexplainable – the coolest, weirdest science podcast out there. ​Over the years, I've been lucky to work with amazing people at USA Today, The Desert Sun, Zap2It, The Washington Post and AOL News. I created and grew Celebritology, an early aughts blog/column devoted to unpacking celeb and TV culture, into the a top destination on (Ask me about "Lost," Lindsay Lohan or Anna Nicole Smith). I've lived many fulfilling media lives as a content developer, managing editor, blogger and Chatwoman (if you know, you know).

what I'm up to right now:

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